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dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Celebration of the world peace day

The Tunisian Red Crescent (Regional committee of Bizerta) took a part in the celebration of the world peace day 2010 under the title "Youth and the culture of peace".
An important event was organized on Sunday, September the 26th, in Bizerta by the United Nations Youth Assembly of Tunisia in partnership with ministry of youth and the Tunisian Red Crescent.
The celebration started in the morning with workshops made by Youth House volunteer, Tunisian scouts and the TRC volunteers. So we facilitated a YABC session about the culture of peace and we made a presentation about YABC to about 30 youth and some high political representatives like the general secretary of the national union of youth organization, the vice-president of the national parliament for youth, and heads of the regional authorities.
After the lunch, all participants made a street march to the cultural center of the town where they assisted to a theatre performance and a musical concert about the culture of peace.
TV7 and 21 Channel were covering the event.
The celebration was so successful that the national authorities decided to celebrate it every year in Bizerta as a message of peace from Tunisia on Behalf of Africa to the entire world.
Let's pledge for an eternal peace in this world.

By Hafedh Ben Miled